It's all about being human(e).

We are a film & communications agency and our goal in life is to be as human(e) as possible, that’s what we strive for. We love humanity, humbleness, realness. We believe that authenticity always wins. It’s not about the hottest sales pitch, jamming unique selling points down peoples throats.. it’s all about what your employees think of you. It’s about what your clients think of you. Traditional marketing is dead. Let’s be real.

being human = having the qualities, faults, and feelings that people have, as opposed to gods, animals, or machines.

The story behind our growth as humans.

Back in the early years of 2000 we started as a film company. When Vincent (that’s me) took the company over in 2010 his idea of what a business should be like started to evolve. 

Work is an important part of our life. Most of us spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day working. Let’s keep that fun and real. You won’t see us come to a meeting in a business suit. We’ll be there exactly the way we truly want to be. With weird shoes, tattoos and whatever.

When Glasbak started to become more successful (back then I measured succes in revenue) I decided it was enough. I made enough to sustain a good life and so I decided on becoming more successful as a human. As of 2019 I am one of the founders of Frisse Wind, an initiative that invests over 1 million euro’s into small social initiatives with the goal to connect people and communities in Heerlen.

Work has evolved from financial succes to social succes. When enough is enough, you will truly become more human.



We commit to projects when we feel them. We do what we love, with our hearts.


We think, develop strategies and advise in order to do the best.


We create what we love. Full circle.

Some examples of our work.

We are not a one trick pony. We love the broad scope of communication and the creative freedom that is needed to perform it successfully.

We research, strategise, create in many forms. Film is a specialty of ours though, since our founding days we have honed this craft into perfection. Here are some of our favourite works.


We absolutely love working with them for all the freedom we get developing and producing this film. The EAP is awarded to  the most upcoming architects of the Meuse Rhein region (DE, BE and NL).

Because the ceremony needed to be completely online we shot this film that is focused showing who these architects really are. Their vision and love for architecture as people.


Illiteracy is still an issue in the Parkstad region. We developed a campaign from the ground up to motivate people to improve their written language. We did so by never judging them and showing examples of how literacy can have an amazing positive impact on your daily life. We had the opportunity to work with some amazing ambassadors who had done so themselves.


This moodfilm for the gym known as Krachtlab shows powerful imagery of people who want nothing but the best for their health but also tells about the community atmosphere that exists at the gym.

We shot this film during night time as to have perfect lighting conditions for the look and feel we wanted.


We have a deep love for culture so it’s an absolute joy to work together with Schunck. Throughout the year we film pretty much all of their films.


This film shows how packed with culture the city of Heerlen was in 2020, despite COVID-19.

Where we live our lives.

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